Can You Buy Windshield Insurance?

businesswoman holding car in the hands - insurance or car business concept

businesswoman holding car in the hands – insurance or car business concept

Everyone buy auto insurance for their vehicles, to provide economic protection to the owner, from any kind of damage that may occur to the vehicles. But a car insurance policy has many features, which are provided to cover different types of damages that may happen due to any accident or other mishap. The customer needs to choose only those coverage options which are necessary for the financial safeguarding in meeting the repairing expenses of his car.


The aspects that should be checked carefully before opting for windshield insurance

Inclusion of comprehensive coverage in the policy:

  • Among many useful features of a car insurance policy, windshield insurance is an essential coverage that normally comes under the category of ‘Comprehensive Coverage’ option. This comprehensive claim also includes the repair of all other glasses of the car, apart from the windshield, which may be damaged due to collision with any living creature or hard particle, while travelling on the roads.
  • However, comprehensive coverage does not include damages caused due to road accidents, as it is listed under a separate coverage, called ‘Accidental Loss or Damage’. As per the insurance law, comprehensive claims cover only the damages caused due to fire, storms or other natural calamities, vandalism or collision with wild animals or birds.
  • But the customers should check whether the option for repair or replacement of windshields is included in his comprehensive coverage, by reading the declaration page carefully or discussing with his car insurance agent. Sometimes, it is only written ‘auto glass repair’, but the customer needs to clarify whether windshield is also included in this term ‘auto glass’.


The careful selection of the deductible for comprehensive coverage:

  • Usually the customer chooses a certain amount of the deductible on the comprehensive coverage of the car insurance policy, to decrease the total cost of his car insurance. But a deductible of higher amount often happens to be greater than the cost of any repair of the windshield or other auto glasses, which means the customer has got no means to claim that repairing cost from the insurance company.
  • It is useless for the customer to claim the repairing costs of his damaged windshield or other auto glasses, if this cost is only meagerly higher than the deductible on his windshield insurance, as he will get almost no money in return, to compensate the money spent in repairing process. No customer will prefer to claim for negligible profit, as a higher number of claims in his auto record can result in a hike of his renewal insurance premium.
  • But few car insurance companies offer the option of zero deductible, which enables the customer to repair his damaged windshield, without the necessity of paying the deductible. But mostly the cost of insurance policy tends to increase in case of zero deductibles.
  • If the customer is unable to pay the deductible, he can either delay the repair of his windshield, which is liable to draw a fine from the police, if seen to be driving with a broken windshield; else he can ask his auto repair agency to waive off the deductible or at least a part of it, provided this repairing agency is large enough to bear this financial loss, in return of a steady customer.



New Products Offer Terrific Windshield Protection

extra articleProper care and protection of car windshield is very important for the safety of car occupants. It not only protects passengers of the car from wind and dust, rather it can also give protection from the rain water and harmful UV rays. Not only used as a shield, also it is an important structural element of auto mobile. Bonding of total body configuration of a car depends on this glass. It also should be clean and clear for driver’s advantage. Therefore it needs a sort of protection.

A small damage caused by rock chips can cause a permanent damage to the windshield of a car. Winter season is also destructive for window glasses. So, windshields require a perfect protection for long lasting.

Few tips for Long Lasting Windshield

  • While buying a new vehicle you should be aware of all parts of your auto mobile, especially about the windshield. You can request the manufacturers an extra coating on the windshield for its protection. You can also opt for the shatterproof glass as windshield of your car. This kind of glass is made with a layer of resin or plastic between two glass sheets.
  • For windshield protection from cracks and damages, invisible polyester films are excellent. This is a product which is using new technology. By using films the windshields are made as safety glasses to protect from damage caused by rocks.
  • Most important thing is to keep your windshield always clean in proper way. But do not use a cleaner which is made of a composition of ammonia or alcohol.
  • As most of the windshields especially the gold wings are made of hard coat of polycarbonate, the use of alcohol or ammonia may be dangerous for your windshield. It can cause damage to your windscreen due to softening of the hard coating. Apart from these, cleaners which consist of high-petroleum are damaging for the windshields.
  • While parking your car, it may be better option to cover your car with a heavy and soft tarpaulin. Then you can leave the automobile of your own in an unknown place without hesitation.

New products for Cleaning and Protecting Windshield

Cleaning windshield in suitable way is significant for the safety of driving. Because a dirty windshield is unsafe for driving as it causes a hazy look towards the road. As technology becomes advanced in many ways, now a day you can acquire multiple products for cleaning windshield in proper way. You should just choose the right one keeping in mind the coating material of your automobile’s windscreen. Some of the new products which are used for washing and cleaning windshield are soft microfiber glass towel, sprayway glass cleaner, stoner invisible glass cleaner, stoner invisible glass windshield chip repair and many more.

Car care products such as car shine spray, maintenance kit and stain remover product are available in many car care product manufacturing companies. Wind glass of your car should be cleaned and maintained correctly not only for the matter of safety, it also can control the appearance of your vehicle.

How to Get Your Windshield Replaced in Arizona

kw1Auto windshield replacement is undeniably an unexpected and virtually inevitable expense, which comes with car ownership. Though, insurance might cover all or otherwise part of the replacement cost, it is yet up to the owner to choose a reputable glass firm to handle the replacement.

Finding the excellent glass company in Arizona might require research, however quality repairs, superior service and a trouble-free insurance claims process certainly can make the great effort more than worth the time. Road debris, gravel, and any other tiny particles encountered on the street can create a chip in your auto’s windshield, and that chip would eventually turn into a giant crack. In fact, it is whilst the chip turns into a crack that competent auto windshield replacement in Arizona service becomes vital.

Process for getting your windshield replacement

When getting windshield repaired or replaced, you must first call an expert. It’s vital to get various quotes over the telephone or through the mail prior making a final decision. Whilst you call around, you might find that any auto dealership can certainly fix your windshield. Auto repair can also do the task. In addition, your local auto mechanic can most probably do the job. But who among these is the best choice? Auto professionals consider it is actually the mobile windshield replacement industry. These companies specialize in offering windshield replacement at your office or home. Attaining the services from such companies offers you the utmost convenience as you need not have to travel anywhere and then sit and wait for long hours for them to complete the task.

When you get the quotes from the companies, ask them how long they have been in this business. Determine whether they remove the wiper blades during replacement or installation, and if the costs includes thoroughly removing any and all of the previous auto window’s bonding material. Ask them the time frame that it will take for your window to set into apt position prior you can get it wet; usually it takes 4 to 6 hours. If you get the window wet before that time frame, you might compromise the sealant and also potentially put your life at threat as the window is apt to fly out of its vital frame.

What professionals do?

There are a number of steps, which every expert installer will make. Here is a list of what exactly a professional will do whilst replacing a windshield;

  • Check the entire vehicle for dents or scratches prior to starting
  • Remove the cowl and wipers
  • Cover the vehicle’s interior dash as well as the hood of the car
  • Cautiously remove all the molding and then apply the new layer of urethane
  • Set the new windshield in place
  • Reinstall the molding, cowl and wipers and ultimately clean up!

The entire process of windshield replacement when done by an expert, is clean and quick installation. The ultimate result is of course a new and clean windshield, which carries the similar structural integrity as that of a factory installed windshield.


How Do You Replace A Windshield?

kw2Broken windshields can certainly be a major problem. From giant chips and cracks, damaged auto glass is a great concern no matter the extent of the issue. This is because even tiny splits and dings in your vehicle’s windshield can develop into vision-obscuring messes. But, windshield replacement isn’t the only probable solution when you have broken auto glass. Minor flaws can factually be repaired invisibly in order to restore both an unobstructed view and strength to your windshield. However, if your windshield is irreparable then replacement is what that is needed.

Seeking assistance from experts is always advisable, specifically if the damage on your auto glass is huge. However, you need to be aware of the basics involved in windshield replacement, as you never know when such a circumstance occurs and you are forced to do the repair task on your own.

Tips to consider

With DIY technique, replacing a windshield can be done easily at your home. Here’s how to replace your windshield;

  1. Get a suitable replacement windshield for your car

You can purchase these new from an auto-glass store or from a wrecker’s yard. In this case, you must examine for cracks and chips well ahead, prior buying. If in case, you desire to move the detached windscreen to your car, duvet cushioning and blanket will be needed, for averting any damage in pursuit. Furthermore, if you purchase a used one, the windshield will not be ready to fit. And so, the urethane band might either need to be trimmed or removed.

  1. Detach plastic surroundings

You need to remove all the times that attached near or to the windshield, including the wipers, rearview mirror and more. Prevent prying the clips which hold on to your windshield. These are particularly designed for molding the automobile.

  1. Cut the urethane amid the pinch weld and glass using a cold knife from the outside

This task takes hardly about 15 minutes to one hour, if you have all the appropriate tools. The urethane is typically strong, allowing for the auto glass to move and thus not developing a chip or crack every time it affects to a stress, which it puts on whilst driving. This is one among the important steps when it comes to replacing a windshield.

  1. Pinch weld preparation

Clean away the visible dirt using brush and plain water. The old urethane must be trimmed down to at least 3mm thick. It’s better to make use of razor blade to do this task. Ensure to fix the rust problems as well.

  1. Prepare the glass

Now get your vehicle’s glass prepared to complement the urethane adhesive. This typically opens the molecules effectively to frit band, thus preparing the glass to allow the urethane molecules.

  1. Apply the urethane using electric caulking gun

The new urethane should adhere properly to the old one. This must be clean and also free from contaminants.

  1. Place the windshield

Ensure you align the top bottom as well as sides by sight alone. Cautious not touch the frit band, as the dirt and oil can reduce the activator’s effectiveness.


Finding Auto Glass Replacement In Chandler

kw3The glass and windshield in your vehicle can be chipped off in many different ways. If there is a slight crack in the glass, it tends to increase due to the contraction and expansion of the glass. Therefore, this is the right time you need to consult an auto glass repair expert. For, all those residing in Chandler, near Arizona, you have many options to get your vehicle’s windshield repaired.

Chandler auto glass replacement services ensure the repair and replacement of broken glass or chipped windshield. There are different services that are offered by the glass repair professional cars and alternative centers. Professional centers pay special attention to the sustainability of automotive glass and safety of the driver and other passengers in the vehicle. Each auto glass shop in the region of Chandler has a wide range of services to their customers. Each service is specific to a particular need from broken glass or chipped, displaced glass or glass damaged by scratches.

Some common problems with which auto glass replacement center deal include:

Repairing windshield

This is an essential service and comprises the majority of auto glass service needs. A professional auto glass repair center prefers a repair of windshield to replacement. They try to repair the windshield for minor damage and breakage to the extent possible. If the repair seems impossible, then replacement is next on the list.

Broken Windshield

If your windshield is broken at one place and then the experts can repair it rather than replacing it. It is both timesaving and cost-effective at the same time.

Chip repair

It is a common phenomenon and people prefer to get minor damage such as chips repaired to the replacement of the windshield. Chip can appear at any time while traveling or when your car is parked. This is a long and effective process is carried out in less time.

Repair cracked windshield

Cracked windshield can be dangerous for a long journey as it may lead to serious accidents. Cracked windshield readily decomposes into pieces and injures the driver and other passengers. Cracked windshield should be repaired or replaced at the earliest. Therefore, chandler auto glass replacement helps you to get it repaired in the least possible time.

Scratch windshield repair

Scratched windshield is highly dangerous for you and other passengers. The scratches can impair your vision and result in accidents that may even be fatal.

An auto glass expert has the expertise in the treatment of various injuries and auto glass repairs. He trained and qualified technician to perform quick repairs and replacement. Quality and durability is also an assurance from them. They have the right equipment and machines to provide fast and quality service to their customers at any time. The above-mentioned services are among the many repair and replacement work in auto glass repair centers in Chandler for the care and maintenance of the windshield and auto glass. So, if you have any issues in the glass or windshield of your car, visit the nearest glass replacement service.

I Have Good Auto Insurance. Do I Get Free Windshield Repair?

Windshield is the aerodynamic front window of a vehicle. Generally windshields are made of laminated safety glass. It protects the occupants of a vehicle from flying debris like insects, rocks etc. Windshields absorb the UV-rays. Windshield of a car provides safety in case of major accident by controlling the function of airbags. Windshield gives roof support up to 30%. It also protects roof collapsing at the time of roll-over accidents.

Windshield in a poor condition also affects the driver’s vision. As this part of your car protects you from many happenings you need to repair it immediately, if it is damaged otherwise it will reduce the effectiveness and the damage will grow up. Windshield is very essential component of a car so do not compromise with the safety of your own and your family. Many types of windshield damage can be easily repaired, whether it depends upon the factors- the size, type depth and location of the damage. The car damage makes you worried about the pocket-pinch, but you may have free windshield repair options if you have a good insurance policy.

Learn your Police

Usually in most cases the insurance company will pay the charges of windshield repairing if the damage occurs not to collision and it would not increase your insurance rate. At first all you have to do is learn your policy coverage thoroughly. It may be covered with the windshield repair cost. Your insurance agent will be able to confirm you where as the claim has to be covered or not by the company.

Before filing a windshield repair claim, you must compare the cost of repair with the size of your deductible. If you find your deductible is low enough to file an auto glass claim, file the claim as soon as possible. This can be done by phone or online.

After inspection of damage by your insurance company you may get the approval for reimbursement. You may submit your receipt along with policy number for reimbursement. You may also get cashless service if your policy supports it.

Avoid the frauds

To avoid frauds make sure that your service center is reputed and reliable. If there is any doubt, contact your insurance company to know about repair shop which has reputation enough in market. Insurance companies are tied-up with service centers.

The repair person will try to convince you that your car windshield is not repairable and you have to replace it. But you should always strive to consult another knowledgeable and experienced person in this field because there is no need to replace windscreen in case of small damage or crack. They can also make several claims which would not be in your knowledge. For instance, may be your glasses are not in coverage of your insurance policy. You have to know this fact while doing the policy before, not at the time of repairing or replacing glass. In that case your policy may be lapsed. So at first you have to gather information about the repair center then you should go for servicing.

The Dangers Of Driving With A Damaged Windshield

kw5Driving with a damaged windshield can be harmful to you, your passengers and other road users. If you have an impact on your windshield, a scratch or crack your glass, the danger is increases and the damage can be much higher.

Broken windshield can lead to road accidents and prove fatal. If the windshield of your car is damaged and you have an accident, the glass particles might enter your skin and eyes and cause serious damage. What would happen if the impact was more serious? It does not perhaps look much complicated but a slight impact on your windshield can do greater damage. It turns into crack and it is at this time the threat to your life is more.

If your windshield is having any crack or damages, it will no longer protect you. It is for this reason that your windshield should be repaired or replaced whenever you notice a problem on this one, because it is always better to be safe than to face with serious consequences.

There have been a lot of cases where people were injured because of a completely broken or damaged windshield or glass shard. Although a windshield cannot always guarantee full protection in each accident, windscreen without impact or crack offers protection to the rider and pillion while riding.

As insignificant as it may seem, a chip on your windshield can reduce the structural strength of the vehicle by 30%. The reduction in strength may lead to vibrations and fragmentation of the glass. In addition, an impact on your driver’s side windshield can bother you or obstruct your visibility, increase your chances of being involved in a road accident.

This is essential to protect you, your passengers and also other road users by making every effort to have a quality bumper breeze. You need to repair or replace an impacted or a broken windshield at the earliest. It is the best to make effort to think of contacting the windshield repair services rather than futile alternatives.

Regular maintenance of your vehicle reduces the problem of probabilities in crucial moments. This helps you in good driving and keeps you out of dangers. First, the windshield of your vehicle acts as a protective shield between you and the road. It should always be in perfect condition to ensure adequate visibility when travelling.

It is not uncommon to be the victim of a glass break.  Depending on the type and location of impact, the windshield can sometimes be repaired.

Repair small cracks

Most of the auto glass specialist shops offer windshield repair service. This method, which requires the use of a liquid product called resin, is fast and environmentally sound. Damaged windshield repair is often free if you are insured “glass break” and it will not affect the price of your insurance premium. Most repairable cracks are caused by the impact of small pebbles or small projectiles encountered on the road. To be repaired, the crack should not be bigger than 25 cents, or be in the driver’s field of vision.